RUMI: Lovedrunk (Remastered)
10 Favorite Rumi Songs
Shahram Shiva

Shahram Shiva's celebrated "Rumi: Lovedrunk" CD, has been reissued in superior sound quality, with enhanced audio and new mastering. Each note, each beat and each word has been enhanced. This latest audio enhanced version is titled "Rumi: Lovedrunk (Remastered)." It's available at all music download sites.

A Flurry of Breathless Kisses for your Soul...

"This is easily the coolest Rumi recording I've heard."
Stephen Hill, "Hearts of Space" Radio Program

"In Lovedrunk, Shiva proves that Rumi's ideas and images can still resonate with us today."
John Schaefer, "Newsounds" on WNYC-FM & NPR Stations

"The well orchestrated yet concise music and words sensually rendered by Shahram Shiva weave a soundscape that resonates through the body as if it were a tuning fork."
Gary Goldberg, "In the Spirit" on WRPI

RUMI: LOVEDRUNK (Remastered)

Rumi: Lovedrunk (Remastered) is a groundbreaking audio project that features several talented musicians from Persia, Europe, Latin America and the U.S., and includes original compositions by Olivier Glissant and Michael Harrison. This album blends the exotic and the meditative with hip grooves and inventive arrangements and the deep, resonant and hypnotic voice of Shahram Shiva.

Rumi is the greatest exponent of the ecstatic intoxication of mystic love. Shahram Shiva, award-winning Rumi translator, performer and author, captures the essence of the poet's message through his passionate performances. This union of spoken verse and world music melds magic with love.

This meticulously composed and produced CD is much more than a “Spoken Word” project and can be listened to both for the beauty and power of Rumi’s words, as well as for the captivating and inspiring mood of the music and poetic images. It is the uncompromising artistic statement of three diverse and committed artists.

This unique CD has crossover potential and will appeal to many markets including: Pop, World Music, New Age, Spoken Word, Self Help & Healing, Poetry & Rumi Enthusiasts.


1. Love Said To Me
Rumi poem translated by Shahram Shiva

2. Lovedrunk
Rumi poem translated by Shahram Shiva

3. You Worry Too Much
Rumi poem translated by Shahram Shiva

4. Lover Me
Rumi poem translated by Shahram Shiva

5. I Saw Goodness Getting Drunk
Rumi poem translated by Shahram Shiva

6. I've Got You Now
Rumi poem translated by Shahram Shiva

7. Seven Pearls
Rumi poem translated by Shahram Shiva

8. Gathering Of Lovers
Rumi poem translated by Shahram Shiva

9. A Time For Madness
Rumi poem translated by Shahram Shiva

10. Invocation
Rumi poem translated by Shahram Shiva


Shahram Shiva is a performance poet, author, recording artist, teacher of advanced spirituality and an award-winning translator of Rumi. He is known for rich and entrancing concerts and performances and
captivating talks and lectures.

RUMI: Lovedrunk is the first album in his planned love-themed trilogy, the second being Love Evolve.


Rumi, the 13th century Persian poet and philosopher, has been called the greatest mystical poet of any age with over 70,000 verses of poetry composed spontaneously over a period of 25 years. Many scholars believe that Rumi’s poetry of divine love, mystic passion and ecstatic illumination is as important as that of Dante and Shakespeare. Barely known in the West as recently as 20 years ago, Rumi is now one of the most widely read poets in America with approximately 200 titles on His growing popularity in the West was mainly expanded in 1996 with Bill Moyers’ Power of The Word series for PBS. Rumi has also inspired major creative projects by Philip Glass, Deepak Chopra and Madonna, and other world-renowned figures. One reason for his popularity is that he is able to verbalize the highly personal and often confusing world of spiritual growth and mysticism in a very forward and direct fashion.


Produced by Olivier Glissant and Shahram Shiva.
Recorded by Olivier Glissant, Black Salt Studios, NYC
Mixed by: Hector Castillo, Looking Glass Studios, NYC
Mastering by The Isokon, Woodstock, NY

English & Persian Spoken Verse: Shahram Shiva
Synth, Programming: Olivier Glissant
Vocals, Harmonium, Tambura: Michael Harrison
Vocals, Classical Persian Instruments, Ney, Tar, Sehtar, Kamanche: Reza Derakhshani
Persian Percussion, Daf, Zarb: Saam Schlamminger
Base Flute, Bamboo Flute: John Ragusa
uitar: Robert Gomez
Drums: RA Fish (Track 8)

A Time for Madness,
I've Got You Now,
You Worry Too Much,
Lover Me

composed by:
Olivier Glissant

Gathering of Lovers,

composed by:
Michael Harrison

Love Said to Me,
I Saw Goodness Getting Drunk

composed by:
Olivier Glissant & Michael Harrison

Seven Pearls
composed by:
Olivier Glissant & Reza Derakhshani

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>> I thought I'd listen to Lovedrunk while performing my chores this morning...I found however, that it demanded my undivided attention; it is not something to listen to in the background. Bravo! It is a masterpiece! I found myself lost in the music, the poetry, and your voice. Lovedrunk is sensual and ecstatic...a flurry of breathless kisses for my soul. Thank You...I can't wait for it to be released. I plan on giving it as a gift to my favorite people.

>> 'Lovedrunk' is very impressive. It should come with a warning: do not play while driving. It is so hypnotic that I had to pull over, stop the player and wait until I got home before listening to the rest of the CD. Bravo!

>> The kind of thing I can listen to over an over again and continue to be interested and find new meaning. There are many parts in which Shahram puts into words, thoughts and ideas I've had but never knew a way to verbalize. It was further interesting because it allows the listener to visualize something going on or happening; few other artists/poets/singers are able to capture their listener visually the way Lovedrunk does...very thought provoking.

>> We LOVE it!!! The music and your voice are amazing. We would love to see you perform. We had an amazingly powerful and close evening just sitting holding hands, and listening to you. Thank you!

>> I listened to your music last night and did have a good sleep. Your music brought me into a state I have never experienced before. For the first time I lost control of myself in music. It was floating in the stream of love and contentment. Great music, really!

>> I have just received my CD at work, and cannot get anything done because my eyes are rolling up in my head from the sheer beauty of what you have produced.



All Lyrics © Copyright Shahram Shiva. All Rights Reserved. Do Not Use or Copy without Permission. Contact for Rights, Publishing and Information.

1. LOVE SAID TO ME (Rumi poem translated by Shahram Shiva)

I worship the moon.
Tell me of the soft glow of a
candle light
and the sweetness of my moon.

Don’t talk about sorrow,
tell me of that treasure,
hidden if it is to you,
then just remain silent.

Last night
I lost my grip on reality
and welcomed insanity.
saw me and said,
I showed up.
Wipe you tears
and be silent.

I said, O Love
I am frightened,
but it’s not you.
Love said to me,
there is nothing that is not me.
be silent.

I will whisper secrets in your ear
just nod yes
and be silent.

A soul moon
appeared in the path of my heart.

I said, O Love
what kind of moon is this?
Love said to me,
this is not for you to question.
be silent.

I said, O Love
what kind of face is this,
angelic, or human?
Love said to me,
this is beyond anything that you know.
Be silent.

I said, please reveal this to me
I am dying in anticipation.
Love said to me,
that is where I want you:
Always on the edge,
be silent.
You dwell in this hall of
images and illusions,
leave this house now
and be silent.

I said, O Love,
tell me this:
Does the lord know you are
treating me this way?
Love said to me,
yes it does,
just be totally…

Lyrics from RUMI: Lovedrunk CD
© Copyright Shahram Shiva

2. LOVEDRUNK (Rumi poem translated by Shahram Shiva)

The lover is ever drunk with love.
She is free, he is mad,
She sings with delight
As he dances in ecstasy.

Caught by our own thoughts,
We worry about everything.
But once you get drunk on that love.
Whatever will be, will be…

Lyrics from RUMI: Lovedrunk CD
© Copyright Shahram Shiva

3. YOU WORRY TOO MUCH (Rumi poem translated by Shahram Shiva)

Oh soul,
you worry too much.

You say,
I make you feel dizzy.
Of a little headache then,
why do you worry?
You say, I am your moon-faced beauty.
Of the cycles of the moon and
passing of the years,
why do you worry?
You say, I am your
source of passion,
I excite you.
Of playing into the Devils hand,
why do you worry?

Oh soul,
you worry too much.

Look at yourself,
what you have become.
You are now a field of
sugar canes,
why show that sour face to me?
You say that I keep you warm inside.
Then why this cold sigh?
You have gone to the
roof of heavens.
Of this world of dust,
why do you worry?

Oh soul,
you worry too much.

Your arms are heavy
with treasures of all kinds.
You are Joseph,
beautiful, strong,
steadfast in your belief,
all of Egypt has become drunk
because of you.

Of those who are blind to your beauty,
and deaf to your songs,
why do you worry?

Oh soul,
you worry too much.

You have seen your own strength.
You have seen your own beauty.
You have seen your
golden wings.
Of anything less,
why do you worry?
You are in truth
the soul, of the soul, of the soul.
You are the security,
the shelter of the spirit of Lovers.
Oh the sultan of sultans,
of any other king,
why do you worry?

Be silent, like a fish,
and go into that pleasant sea.
You are in deep waters now,
of life’s blazing fire.
Why do you worry?

Lyrics from RUMI: Lovedrunk CD
© Copyright Shahram Shiva

4. LOVER ME (Rumi poem translated by Shahram Shiva)

Lover me, cave me,
the sweet burn of Love me.
Lover you, cave you,
Shams protect me.
Noah you, soul you,
conqueror and the conquered you
the awakened heart you.
Why hold me at that gate of your secret?

Light you, celebration you,
the victorious land you
the bird of Mount Sinai you.
You carry me on your tired beak.
Drop you, ocean you,
compassion and rage you,
sugar you, poison you.
Please don’t continue to hurt me.

The orb of the Sun you,
the house of Venus you,
the sliver of hope you.
Open up the way for me.
Day you, night you,
fasting and the crumbs of a beggar you,
water and a pitcher you.
Quench my thirst, Beloved.

Bait you, trap you,
wine you, cup you,
baked and raw you.
Please don’t let me be unbaked.

If you don’t run my body too hard,
if you don’t cut my way too much,
if you try to help rather than make my life more difficult.
Oh, all these words of mine.

Lyrics from RUMI: Lovedrunk CD
© Copyright Shahram Shiva

5. I SAW GOODNESS GETTING DRUNK (Rumi poem translated by Shahram Shiva)

I am gone,
lost any sense of wanting the wine
of the nowhereness ask me,
I don’t know where I am.

At times I plunge
to the bottom of the sea,
at times, rise up
like the Sun.
At times, the universe is pregnant by me,
at times I give birth to it.
The milestone in my life
is the nowhereness,
I don’t fit anywhere else.

This is me:
a rogue and a drunkard,
easy to spot
in the tavern of Lovers.
I am the one shouting hey ha.
They ask me why I don’t
behave myself.
I say, when you
reveal your true nature,
then I will act my age.

Last night, I saw Goodness getting drunk.
He growled and said,
I am a nuisance, a nuisance.
A hundred souls cried out, but
we are yours, we are yours, we are yours.
You are the light
that spoke to Moses and said
I am God, I am God, I am God.
I said Love, who are you?
He said, I am you, I am you, I am you.

Lyrics from RUMI: Lovedrunk CD
© Copyright Shahram Shiva

6. I'VE GOT YOU NOW (Rumi poem translated by Shahram Shiva)

My face free of sorrow,
my mouth full of wine,
my clothes torn off my body.
Look what you’ve done to me now.

He says, "That’s what I do.
I tear away the layers.
I melt the shame.
I reveal the unrevealed."

He moves too fast.
One breath, he is outside the window.
Next breath, he is inside my shirt.
I can’t think clear,
my mind is not here,
he is all I see.

There is new life in me.

The seven heavens cannot contain him,
but he is here,
moving up my shirt.
Pop, one button here.
Pop, one button there.

This lion of God
watches over me,
I sing as he roars.

He says, "I’ve got you now.
I gave you life,
I created you,
I do what I want now."

I am your harp,
play me easy,
play me hard, or
don’t touch my strings at all.

You know!
I think,
I’ve got YOU now.
Before I met you,
I had only one heart,
I had only one body,
I was only being.
But look at me now,
I’ve got you now.

Lyrics from RUMI: Lovedrunk CD
© Copyright Shahram Shiva

7. SEVEN PEARLS (Rumi poem translated by Shahram Shiva)

Neither I am me,
nor you are you,
nor you are me.
Also, I am me,
you are you
and you are me.
We have become one
in such a way,
That I am confused whether
I am you,
or you are me.

The Lovers
will drink wine night and day.
They will drink until they can
tear away the veils of intellect and
melt away the layers of shame and modesty.
When in Love,
body, mind, heart and soul don’t even exist.
Become this,
fall in Love,
and you will not be separated again.

Do you know what you are?
You are a manuscript of a divine letter.
You are a mirror reflecting a noble face.
This universe is not outside of you.
Look inside yourself;
everything that you want,
you are already that.

is the night.
It is the creation of that land of eternity.
It is not an ordinary night,
It is a wedding of those who seek unity.
Tonight, the bride and groom
speak in one tongue.
Tonight, the bridal chamber
is looking particularly bright.

Go ahead: ask me!
Ask me about Love,
and I will tell you the essence of madness.
Ask me of an intellect gone mad,
and I will show you a soul departed for good.
Ask me of a hundred calamities,
of a hundred life transformations.
Ask me of a hundred deserts engulfed in fire.
Ask me of a hundred oceans red with blood.

I am an atom;
you are like the countenance of the Sun for me.
I am a patient of Love
you are like medicine for me.
Without wings, without feathers,
I fly about looking for you.
I have become a rose petal
and you are like the wind for me.
Take me for a ride.

By day I praised you
and never knew it.
By night I stayed with you
and never knew it.
I always thought that
I was me--but no,
I was you
and never knew it.

Lyrics from RUMI: Lovedrunk CD
© Copyright Shahram Shiva

8. GATHERING OF LOVERS (Rumi poem translated by Shahram Shiva)

This is a gathering of Lovers.
In this gathering
there is no high, no low,
no smart, no ignorant,
no special assembly,
no grand discourse,
no proper schooling required.
There is no master,
no disciple.
This gathering is more like a drunken party,
full of tricksters, fools,
mad men and mad women.
This is a gathering of Lovers.

Lyrics from RUMI: Lovedrunk CD
© Copyright Shahram Shiva

9. A TIME FOR MADNESS (Rumi poem translated by Shahram Shiva)

Once more,
Love is pouring down my ceiling
and my walls.

Once more, it is the night of the full moon,
it is time for madness.
All my immense knowledge
cannot help me now.

Insomnia took my patience.
Rain washed away my intellect.
The Lover made me lose my profession.
What good is my work anyway?

Once more,
rise, rise, rise,
Once more,
rise, rise, rise,
Once more,
rise, rise, rise.

Like the way a garden burns
in a hundred shades of orange in the fall,
a Lover’s heart shrivels for a sense of the Beloved’s touch.
Now the face of that charred garden
is my field of flowers.

Look, two hundred Jupiters
are dancing around my moon.

My Love business is booming,
but don’t credit the consultants.
I am done with the consultants
and the pundits,
they call you Jafar the imposter.

Little do they know,
Little do they know,
that you are my Shams
You are my Shams
the Flyer.

Once more,
rise, rise, rise,
rise, rise, rise,
rise, rise, rise.

Lyrics from RUMI: Lovedrunk CD
© Copyright Shahram Shiva

10. INVOCATION (Rumi poem translated by Shahram Shiva)

Appear oh Shams,
Your boundless grace
has enraptured the lovers on the path,
for ages.
Appear oh Shams,

Lyrics from RUMI: Lovedrunk CD
© Copyright Shahram Shiva

All Lyrics © Copyright Shahram Shiva. All Rights Reserved. Do Not Use or Copy Without Permission. Contact for Rights, Publishing and Information.


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